Featured Products

iMiniMe - MP3 Compress software for digital music players, smartphone and iPod

iMiniMe 3 for Windows

Easy-to-use instant MP3 compress/re-encoding software for digital music
players such as Apple iPod and other players. This program is a space-squeeze
utility designed for digital music player with fast speed and comes to free
precious flash-memory or mini hard drive space when it is needed.

MP3 Fitness - MP3 compresser to double your MP3 players' capacity

MP3Fitness 2 for Windows

Reduce MP3 file size, save hard disk space and double MP3 player’s capacity
and put more songs in portable MP3 players.  You can re-encode MP3
files to compress and reduce files size with just a few clicks. It keeps
good to excellent audio quality and smaller file size compared with original
MP3 files.